Is Your Partner’s Porn Addiction Ruining Your Life?

A pornographic addiction is characterised by an emotional dependence on pornography that interferes with daily life, interpersonal relationships, and the capacity to function. A person may become dissatisfied with his or her sexual life or engage in hazardous behaviour, such as watching porn at work. A dependency exceeds a mere acute interest in something. It is a medical condition that alters the brain and the body and causes a person to feel compelled to continue using a substance or engaging in a behaviour despite the risk of negative consequences.

The majority of studies on addiction indicate that it activates brain regions associated with motivation and reward. Specifically, addiction modifies the dopamine system of the organism. When a person with addiction uses the substance or engages in the behaviour for the first time, they experience an intense surge of dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure and reward. Over time, the individual's body may produce less dopamine and become dependent on the substance or behaviour in order to experience the dopamine high.

Treatment for Porn Addiction

This taught him that addiction is a disease and motivated him to take charge of his recovery. Through an honest process of self-discovery, he was able to identify areas for change and initiate the process of change.

He learned to manage relapse triggers and to comprehend how his thoughts and emotions affected his behaviour. In the interim, I read everything I could find online about addiction and attended sessions of family therapy at Abhasa. After concluding treatment at Abhasa Luxury Rehab, we gained optimism for the future. I could see that he was also attending NA meetings.

Causes of pornography addiction

Researchers have yet to identify a distinct set of causes for pornography addiction due to the controversy surrounding the concept.

A 2015 study found that considering oneself to be addicted to pornography, as opposed to actual pornographic use, was the greater cause of associated distress. This suggests that the very notion that porn addiction exists may be a significant contributor to the anxiety that some individuals experience when viewing porn. Experts and advocates who support the existence of pornography addiction contend that, like other addictions, this is a complex issue with a variety of potential causes. Some of these possible causes include:

  • • Underlying mental health conditions: a person may engage in pornographic behaviour to evade emotional distress.
  • • Relationship issues: pornography can serve as an outlet for sexual discontent.
  • • Some people may be attracted to pornography by unhealthy cultural norms, such as ideas about how people should appear and behave during sex, the types of sex they should enjoy, and similar norms.
  • • Certain biological factors, including alterations in brain chemistry when pornography is viewed, may increase the likelihood of addiction.
Treatments and natural remedies

No specific remedy is supported by research for pornography addiction. Many researchers do not believe that pornography addiction is a real medical condition; consequently, some physicians and counsellors may believe that no treatment is required.

Some individuals who seek treatment for pornography addiction may benefit more from addressing other issues, such as relationship issues, sexual shame, or melancholy. Therefore, if a person chooses therapy, they must select a therapist who understands and can effectively manage these issues.

Some treatment strategies may involve:
  • • Psychotherapy can assist an individual in comprehending their relationship with erotica, identifying unmet sexual needs, and developing coping mechanisms for psychological distress.
  • • Counselling for couples can assist partners in discussing their values, determining whether erotica has a place in their relationship, and cultivating deeper trust.
  • • Occasionally, a person employs pornography to manage another condition. Medication may aid in treating the underlying condition.
  • • Some individuals turn to pornography out of tedium or exhaustion. A healthier lifestyle may involve less time spent on the computer.

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Prepared by: Mr. Denny Prasad, Psychologist
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