Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Coimbatore

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Tamilnadu

Addiction is a condition when someone becomes dependent on a substance or an activity. Unlike a person who ‘wants’ something, an individual with addiction will have powerful urges and physical cravings for substances they have become addicted to.

Understanding alcohol addiction

We often come across the term alcoholic, which means being addicted to alcohol. It is a state where one becomes physically dependent on the drink. For people with excessive drinking disorder, the brain functions differently and it makes them have physical withdrawals if they stop drinking.

During withdrawal symptoms one can suffer anxiety, sweating, insomnia, nausea and physical discomfort. It is during this phase that one experiences dependence and has the desire to consume more alcohol to stop any unwanted body disconcert.

Identifying the signs of alcohol addiction

Some common signs of alcohol addiction include

  • Regular consumption of alcohol or hiding the drinking habit
  • Nausea, insomnia or sweating when not drinking
  • Having a feeling that you need to drink more to get drunk
  • Feeling the urge to drink early in the morning or after waking up
  • Fighting with family and friends about drinking habit
  • Fretting about when you could have your next drink 

The potential health problems from alcohol addiction

Short-term health problems include

  • Memory lapses
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Vision problems
  • Weight loss
  • Reduced energy and several other health discomforts

Long-term health problems are

  • Liver damage
  • Brain damage
  • Frequent sickness because of poor immune system
  • Cardiovascular diseases like heart failure and stroke
  • High risk of  throat and mouth cancer

How to fight alcohol addiction?

The first step in any effort to fight an addiction is to identify the problem. If you feel you might be addicted to liquor, it is important to visit a rehabilitation centre. 

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem, and it is not restricted to any particular gender or age. There are many alcohol rehabilitation centres in Tamil Nadu that are working together to help addicts return to addiction free life.

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What does a rehabilitation centre do?

Rehabilitation is a supportive approach to treatment and cure from substance abuse. There are several alcohol de addiction centres in Coimbatore that use the umbrella method of psychological and medical rehabilitation to manage and help a person recover from the dependence on alcohol.

Irrespective of the substance abuse, a rehabilitation centre is one of the best recovery approaches for individuals and families suffering from the wrath of addiction. However, the treatment is only effective when the addict enters a rehabilitation program with the willingness to recover.

Alcohol addiction is a grave problem and the person suffering from it should have the dedication, honesty and open-mindedness to actively participate in the treatment process and get an addiction free life.

One must always remember that a rehabilitation centre does not have the “same approach for recovery” with every addict. Treatment depends on identifying the root cause for addiction. 

One of the renowned alcohol addiction treatment centres in Coimbatore is Abhasa rehabilitation centre that provides a wellness refuge to such people who are willing to take a step towards alcohol de-addiction by identifying the primary reason for addiction. At Abhasa, every individual who wishes to recover is treated by a team of experts who help in re-establishing the regular life that an individual had missed thus far.

How does Abhasa rehabilitation centre function?

At Abhasa, we have years of experience in alcohol addiction treatment in Tamil Nadu. Our approach to treat an alcoholic is not similar for every individual. Our treatments are custom made. 

Our experienced team of doctors, nurses, psychologist, and social workers are adept at providing de-addiction treatments. We have a holistic approach to recovery. The recovery route map of Abhasa rehabilitation centre has a vast array of spiritual, therapeutic, and physical processes that help to bring a person out of the habit.

Our approach to an individual recovery is also family oriented. Family members are also incorporated in the treatment process if required. At the end of the day, Abhasa rehabilitation centre believes in making the world a better place for every individual suffering from alcohol addiction. If you are willing, we are here to help you.