Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Overview

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Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a psychotic disorder – primarily found in individuals who have experienced or observed a devastating natural event, a severe accident, a terrorist act, war or violent combat, or rape. PTSD is found even in people someone threatened with sexual violence, death, or severe injury.

However, all individuals can be affected by this condition. People feel a heightened sense of danger because of it, as their natural “fight – or- flight” response alters. They feel stressed and fearful even in safe conditions.

Researchers have found a link between PTSD and chemical and neuronal changes in the brain. 

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Comprehensive Discussion

PTSD is an alarming psychotic condition – usually triggered by an experience and witnessing of a terrifying natural event or violent interaction. The patient starts to have flashbacks, uncontrolled thoughts about the event, nightmares , and severe anxiety.

  • Typically, people experiencing traumatic events get better with time and good self-care after an initial period of adjustment and coping.
  • The doctors may suspect PTSD if the symptoms get worse or remain for months, and in some cases, years.
  • Gradually, the signs would start to worsen and interfering with the day-to-day activity of the affected person.

War veterans are the commonly affected patient of this condition – PTSD was called “shell shock” or “battle fatigue”. According to the National Centre for PTSD, doctors diagnosed PTSD in 12% of Gulf war veterans and 15% of soldiers who fought in Vietnam.

PTSD needs medical and psychological help to cure it up to a significant level. Therefore, it is best to start post-traumatic stress disorder treatment as quickly as possible after the doctors diagnose it.

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Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD disrupts the regular day-to-day routine and causes continued stress to the patient. We at Abhasa have a team of experienced doctors and psychologists who will diligently check on the patient and suggest the best post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

It is better to know about the symptoms of PTSD so that you can at least see if you or someone you know has the condition. PTSD symptoms fall into four categories according to their effects; Intrusion, Avoidance, Arousal and reactivity, Cognition and mood. The symptoms of each type are:

PTSD effect categories Intrusion Avoidance Arousal and reactivity Cognition and mood
Symptoms 1. Flashbacks where you revive the event continuously Sidestepping individuals, spaces,
or circumstances that bring back
the traumatic event memory.
Trouble concentrating, Getting easily shocked easily
and having an extravagant response when you’re startled.
Adverse thoughts about yourself
2. Intense, nasty memories of the event A continuous feeling of being on edge. Misleading feelings of responsibility, apprehension, or guilt
3. Frequent nightmares about the occurrence Bad temper. Concern remembering significant parts of the event
4. Extreme psychological or bodily agony at
the memory of the event
A Short period of anger Reduced attentiveness to once favored activities.

 The specific symptoms of PTSD are different are depends upon the traumatic event and biology of the affected person. Incidentally, women are twice likely to get PTSD than men – in both, panic attacks, dizziness, fainting, emotional numbness, irritability, and depression are common symptoms.

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Problems associated with PTSD

PTSD can interfere with every aspect of your life, including your profession and relationships. It can increase the risk for depression, anxiety and generate suicidal thoughts or actions in extreme cases.

Some people resort to alcohol or pharmaceuticals to cope with the adverse psychological effects – however, most of the time, they worsen the condition.

At Abhasa, we are prepared to combat all types of PTSD development – including de-addiction programs and psychoanalysis. Our skilled medical staff provide an in-depth analysis of the patient and design the most effective and personalized post-traumatic stress disorder treatment according to the severity of their condition.

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How will Abhasa help you?

We know the devastating effect PTSD has on your life. So, we provide an overall and multi-modal treatment plan and therapeutic regimen for our patients.

  • We prefer to cure the condition of the root level rather than alleviating the symptoms. We provide the most natural post-traumatic stress disorder treatment along with any secondary assistance if required.
  • We use medication and psychoanalysis to extract the root cause and help our patients recover fully.
  • Our skilled and knowledgeable team of doctors provide the most updated, effective and individualized treatment.

Affection, Attention, & Sustenance: The Abhasa Key Points

Our Facilities

Our wide range of facilities provides the best chance for the patient to recover fully. We believe in giving every effective treatment – but tweak it to fit the patient’s requirement. Here are the facilities you can access in our sprawling rehabilitation center:

  1. Residential and calming atmosphere to provide a stress-free environment.
  2. Nutritious and tasty food, delivered timely to take care of the body.
  3. Provision of indoor and outdoor games to keep the mind stress-free.
  4. Access to the most modern medicines – including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and sleep aids.
  5. Counselling and psychological assistance from skilled medical professionals.
  6. 24x7 security for our residents.
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Our Experience

At Abhasa, we take care of our patients’ minds and their physique as well. We have the best teams of doctors, nurses, counselors, and therapists round the clock to provide the most effective post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

Our Treatment Methods

We believe in comprehensively treating our patients. We provide psychological and physical treatment appropriately – and constantly monitor the patients to optimize their progress. We offer the following treatment as per the most modern protocols followed internationally:

  1. We utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to encourage the patient to process the traumatic event and alter the related negative emotions.
  2. We use exposure therapy to let the patients re-experience the trauma elements for desensitization to the stressing factor.
  3. We apply most modern anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medications only on the requirement.


What is the time to get well from PTSD?


There is no specific standard time for getting cured of PTSD, and it differs from person to person.

What happens if someone suffers a violent outburst?


Our treatment regimens ensure a stress-free and serene environment for the patients. However, in the unlikely event of a violent outburst, we have efficient doctors and support available round-the-clock.

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We at Abhasa provide the best medications and therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment. We are the most preferred center for many psychological troubles and are always ready to help you. Don’t let yourself or your loved one suffer! We are right there, just for you!