Dissociative Disorder Overview

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The term “DISSOCIATION” means to feel disconnected from oneself, others, or the world. On the other hand, dissociative disorder defines a persistent mental state marked by feelings of being entirely detached from reality, experiencing memory loss, or being outside of one’s body.

Experts have provided evidence that about 2% of the population within a country like the US suffers from a dissociative disorder. Individuals from all age groups, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds fall victim to this particular disorder. When compared with men, women are the most likely to get diagnosed with this condition. 

To lessen the presence of this particular condition, doctors recommend the dissociative identify disorder treatment, which can help cure the disorder once and for all.

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Dissociative Disorder: A Precise Discussion!

Dissociative disorder stands out as a mental illness where individuals experience a lack of continuity and disconnection between thoughts, identity, actions, surroundings, and memories. People suffering from this condition will try to escape reality through unhealthy and involuntary ways and causes issues with functioning in day-to-day life.

The dissociative disorder is usually developed because of trauma and keeps all the difficult memories at bay. To treat the condition, the dissociative identity disorder family therapy is used as it helps an individual to recover quickly and effectively from this particular condition.

Three types of dissociative disorders currently exist. You will find them mentioned below.

  • Dissociative Amnesia.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Derealization or Depersonalization Disorder.

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The Symptoms Of Dissociative Disorder

We at Abhasa believe that the symptoms and signs of this particular condition will depend heavily on the type of dissociative disorder one is suffering from. Here are some of the symptoms one might experience. Take a look!

  • Amnesia or memory loss of certain information, time periods, events, and people.
  • Inability to cope appropriately with professional or emotional stress.
  • A sense of being completely detached from emotions and oneself.
  • A blurred identity.
  • Mental health issues, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety.
  • Perception of the things and people around you as unreal or distorted.

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Problems Of Dissociative Disorder

Individuals who suffer from dissociative disorder experience many issues in their life. These issues also prevent them from doing their regular activities significantly and adequately affect their overall well-being.

One of the biggest problems of this condition is having suicidal thoughts. People who have experienced a long-term, sexual, physical, and emotional drama have a high chance of developing this condition

On the other hand, the stress of a natural disaster or war can also give birth to the symptoms of dissociative disorder. But these problems can be easily lessened or eliminated through the inpatient treatment for dissociative disorder, which we at Abhasa have in store.

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How Can Abhasa Help With Dissociative Disorder?

Here, at Abhasa, we are well aware of the problems one experiences when one suffers from a dissociative disorder. For such reasons, we provide:

  • Outstanding and world-class therapies.
  • Medication.
  • Treatments that will not just treat the symptoms of the dissociative disorder but it will help in eliminating all the underlying problems connected with the condition.

Individuals are free to take the depersonalization disorder test online in a hassle-free manner, and our highly qualified experts will do the test.

On the other hand, we will also do our best to manage the symptoms and have excellent control over them. We will make sure that our clients return home to their loved ones fully cured.

We Have The Best Facilities For Each Of Client

Exploring The Facilities

We provide some of the best facilities at our rehabilitation center where clients can keep themselves busy or engaged while recovering from their dissociative disorder. Here are some of the facilities we have in-store.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Games: Our clients can enjoy themselves by playing some outdoor and indoor games during their stay. The game will not just help in keeping them engaged but will also enable them to stay fit and healthy. This will surely speed up the recovery process.
  2. High-Quality Food: At Abhasa, we serve the best quality food to our clients. We make sure that each of them is in good health while recovering, and we use high-quality and farm-fresh ingredients to create food products that will improve their health and well-being.
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Our Experience

To offer the practical and best treatment for dissociative identity disorder, we have a group of skilled, qualified, licensed, and experienced professionals for the job. Our team includes counselors, therapists, nurses, and doctors who will monitor and take care of the health of each of our clients. Our team keeps its focus on helping individuals fight the symptoms of this particular disorder. Doing so will help in eliminating the condition from their life once and for all.

Our Treatment Methods

When it comes to providing care, support, and love to all our clients, we do it with the help of our expert team of professionals and the best treatment methods. To know more about the treatment, please check the information below!

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This is one of the best ways to treat the dissociative disorder as it will help our clients integrate with various identities. It will allow them to have proper control over the symptoms and dissociative process without any issues.
  2. EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a brand-new therapy that has provided positive outcomes for treating dissociative disorder. The treatment focuses on the role that is disturbing the memories play within the development of mental disorders.


Does the rehabilitation center provides treatment plans?


Yes, here at Abhasa, we have treatment plans designed specially to suit the needs and wants of our clients.

Are there any nurses present?


Of course! We have some of the most skilled and experienced nurses available 24x7 to provide the best care and support to all our clients.

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The dissociative disorder can become a lot worse if not treated on time. That is why we at Abhasa take such conditions pretty seriously and make sure that our clients receive the love and care they need to eliminate this condition. For more information, please get in touch with us through our contact number and mail address.