How To Control Anger? All You Need To Know

Anger is a spontaneous response that we develop over experiences that are not so pleasing. As much as it is natural, failing to handle anger can take a toll on your mental and physical health. It distorts the ability of an individual to make decisions and there are chances that he or she misses out on fruitful opportunities. An outburst disturbs the quality of their personal and professional relationship. You may be sending emails in a bad tone. You may be screaming at your kids. You may be yelling at your colleague for no reason. Beyond disturbing the people around, it could deteriorate your life on a personal front.
Controlling and managing anger is not about learning to never get angry. It is about understanding that anger is a natural emotion and learning ways, tips, and hacks to control anger and the aggressive behavior that follows.
This blog presents tips and tricks to take control of your anger with the ultimate objective of improving the quality of your life, and that of the people around you. If you are on the lookout for how to control anger issues the blog is a must-read.

1. Take time for yourself

Take small breaks in between the day, more so, whenever you are stressed out or frustrated. Taking time to introspect what is happening might help you calm down, feel at peace and be better prepared to handle moments that are not in your favor. If you are searching for a way to control anger immediately, this helps.

2. Listen to your favorite song

Music helps sort out anger. Playing a piece of soothing, soulful music can divert your mind and excite your soul. Plug in earphones, and let your mind dance to the tunes. Sing loudly if needed and this would help you douse the flames of anger.

3. Do not talk when you are angry

When your mind is fuming in anger, stop talking because there are chances that you may lose control and go beyond what is considered appropriate. Also taking some time to react would indeed give you extra time to listen, calm down, and think. Because words are powerful, it is good to take some time before you react or talk. This helps when you are looking for how to manage anger effectively and protect yourself from getting into unwanted issues.

4. Maintain a journal

If you are looking for how to control anger issues in the long run, writing is better than speaking or reacting right when you experience something that is not so pleasing. Whenever you write you give your mind the time to think rather than react on the spot. Also writing would anchor better anger management as you get an opportunity to sit back, and reassess your emotions at a later stage.

5. Show gratitude all the while

Taking up gratitude writing as a practice is a long-term anger management solution. Recalling things that you have, and being thankful for all of them each day would get you into a habit of looking at positive things all the time. Try this and you will find an answer to how to control your anger.

6. Take a walk

When you endure unpleasant experiences or not-so-favorable situations, taking a walk would help. You would feel and your mind feels calm as you relax and breathe fresh air from outside. If you are searching for how to control anger immediately, taking a walk works wonders.

7. Practice forgiving

Learning to forgive is an essential virtue if not for somebody else, but for your own sake. This is important so you get productive in what you do rather than contemplating unpleasant circumstances.

8. Explore creative options

Transform your anger constructively. Divert this towards things that are of interest to you gardening, pottery, painting, singing, or writing. This would distract your angry mind, bring the fuming soul and improve the overall health of your mind and body.

9. Repeat phrases that calm your mind

Repeat words like ‘relax’, ‘this is temporary’, ‘all is well’, or ‘you will be ok’, would help you rewire your mind and channel your focus. Find a phrase that calms your mind and relaxes your body.

10. Look for alternatives

Explore options that help distract your angry mind. If something makes you angry, change the way it is done. Say, for example, rushing to the office switches off your mood and makes you angry, look for ways to sort this out. Starting 5 minutes early might help. This is a simple, doable activity that could help douse your anger in the long run. This is a perfect solution to how to control anger immediately.

11. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

Before you let someone’s action put you in an angry state, pause for a minute and put yourself in the shoes of the person in front of you. When you delve deeper to understand what instigated the other person to do what he or she did, introspecting what pushed him to behave this way could calm your mind and soul.

12. Do not hold the grudge

If someone is instigating your anger constantly, be it on the personal or professional front, it is good to have an open conversation with them. Tell them what went wrong and how you would want to sort this out. You can take some time to express what and how you feel about the person's activities. Instead of holding the grudge and waiting for opportunities to display your frustration, this helps in sorting out anger in a long term.

13. Pen a letter

If you are finding it difficult to express yourself in person, try writing a letter or communicating through email. When you do so, you have an opportunity to modify your thoughts before you send them. A lot of times we feel bad for saying something after we do so. But writing gives an opportunity to read through multiple times and check if that is in perfect alignment with your values and virtues. You may also choose to delete the letter if you wish.

14. Work out solutions

Instead of pondering over problems and getting angry over something that is not in your hand, work out solutions that might help you get rid of the problem and the negative emotions that follow. Always remind yourself that getting angry might not solve any of your problems. Get realistic and work out appropriate solutions. For example, if waiting for longer in the mad rush of traffic gets you angry, work out ways to avoid traffic. You may consider an alternative route, or start earlier to avoid peak-time traffic and have a peaceful journey.

15. Stretch your muscles and body

When something unanticipated or unpleasant happens, try distracting your focus towards your body. Stretch your muscles and take a mild walk. This might ease the stress in your body, and slow down your angry breath. Stretch muscle by muscle, calm your mind, and take slow breaths. If you are looking for how to control anger immediately, this works magic.

Take professional help

If your anger gets beyond your control and if you are looking for how to control anger issues, it is the right time that you to consult a therapist. Anger is not so very unusual, but a typical emotion that engulfs our minds when we experience unpleasant incidences. But when it gets beyond a certain point that you find yourself anxious all the while, seeking professional help works the best.
You may consult a therapist at Abhasa, the best rehabilitation center. Our therapists will analyze the underlying issues, identify your triggers, evaluate them, and help you with an effective process to express, suppress, and manage anger. This would ensure a better quality of your thoughts and answer your question about how to control anger immediately.