Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment in Tamilnadu

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur in any common man, especially some who go through unsurmountable losses. The symptom begins to reveal its true nature within days or weeks, or even a month. Sometimes people who travel to war zones or pandemic zones face this issue quite often, which is why they go through treatment for the same. 

PTSD often causes significant problems in the workplace, social gatherings, and personal relationships; it creates havoc. Even it becomes difficult to perform the daily course of life. 

What are the basic symptoms of PTSD?

Generally, one would start showing memory loss, hallucination, intrusive memories, delusional, avoidance and negative usage of words more often, startled speech, and loss amidst conversation. 

Sometimes it inevitably leads to an emotional and physical imbalance of life. All these symptoms differ from person to person. Sometimes PTSD also happens with shock, and you have not let your emotions out or expressed your feelings out. 

What will be the intensity of PTSD?

The symptoms intensity varies from person to person depending upon the traumatic measure a person might have gone through. There is no degree of intensity to quantitatively measure and explain PTSD. 

To be more precise, for example, if an individual couldn’t surmount the physical trauma of sexual harassment or an unforgettable combat experience, as an acid attack survivor, the unsurmountable loss of physical appearance, this PTSD issue takes immeasurable time to overcome. 

PTSD also happens in newborn mothers too, when they have to go through so many hormonal changes, but the impact is less as it heals eventually as the child grows, but when there is a loss or some other symptoms which are irreversible, the PTSD patient needs treatment and will take time to overcome the trauma. 

What should I do when I find someone new or a social media friend with PTSD?

Well, during the regular course of conversation, if you find someone you know with the following, immediately connect to the nearest psychologist and ask the concerned patient to take treatment.

  • Recurring Nightmares
  • Unwanted distressing talks 
  • Flashback’s discussion
  • Upsetting days every day 
  • Severe emotional distress
  • The intense physical reaction to traumatic events or even casual events
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Avoiding positive conversation or change of conversation
  • Avoiding social gatherings which they actually liked before

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What are the changes frequently shown mentally?

Most PTSD patients are not born with the illness as they grow and eventually go through some unexpected events in life; they are unable to embrace it and express it out loud. So never stop your emotions as it is not healthy. 

One should share with whosoever is nearby if in case of negative emotions, particularly when you are unable to sleep properly, getting frequent nightmares, hallucinating, or irritating all the time, showing aggressive behavior towards anyone. Sometimes patients with PTSD will have a sudden emotional outburst; at that time, they are on the path of seeking immediate medical attention.

Can PTSD be treated?

Definitely, and also, it involves a two-way communication process, one from the doctor the other from the patient who should have the urge to recover. It takes time but is not impossible. It is very important that every PTSD patient should be given proper medical attention, physical therapy, psychotherapy, medications, and definitely a big hand of involvement by the psychotherapist to heal them mentally. 

Most importantly, to be noted, patients with PTSD should give transparent information which will be confidentially maintained or recorded by doctors for future references and studies if needed again. 

Amidst PTSD in war people, general losses, some are an ongoing traumatic experience like an abusive relationship, drunk and drug addict by a family member, loss of child or parent these need a lot of time to cure, and it can be addressed only through intensive medications and psychotherapy treatments. 

What helps more apart from Doctors and Medicines?

At Abhasa we always recommend the closest circle to stay in touch with the patients and keep talking to them all about the positive events happening in life while they are inside the center for treatment. Nature and family are the best source of energy for PTSD patients unless the person associated with converse is not involved in the negative reminiscence. 


This is basically called talk therapy which involves a lot of talking with the patient to let them reveal themselves their true selves from the past and what made them change to who they are today post a traumatic incident in their life. Psychotherapy is performed by a psychotherapist who gives 6-12 weeks of treatment and can increase depending upon the patient’s response to the treatment.

Exposure therapy and cognitive therapy are two common types of therapies utilized during the course of treatment. Exposure therapy takes the patient to the place of trauma and experiences the incident that took place in their life; this will remind them what happened to change and have PTSD. It’s proven to be one of the effective methods. 

Cognitive therapy helps them to understand, analyze and sometimes realize the events which are giving them these nightmares for life can be different and not as they imagined it would have happened to be. This changes the entire scenario of the treatment, and the person remembers he was just present, and it might not have happened with him/her.

A realistic analysis is better than assumption analysis always and so cognitive therapy has helped a lot of people, especially newborn moms, or corporate professionals, or someone who saw another person to suicide, etc. 

When will it be called an emergency?

When you think of hurting yourself, it’s high time, and you are in the red zone means you need immediate medical attention. If you also know someone who is in danger because of PTSD or anyone with suicidal thoughts, you can immediately connect with the Abhasa helpline. Abhasa is one of the most recommended rehabilitation and treatment centers in Tamilnadu, India.