Facilities at Abhasa


Healthy food is a catalyst for a healthy mind, we provide fresh organic food that is rich in nutritional value & contributes to the overall physical and emotional well being by not just being a temporary diet but a long term lifestyle change. The diets are designed by professional dieticians focussing to ensure the maximum benefit is attained from the stay with us is attained.


We assure the safety and security on the premises of the rehabilitation centre. We guarantee 24/7 state of surveillance to make sure that you have a valuable and peaceful recovery. Your stay at Abhasa is secure and atmosphere is like “home away from home”.

Nursing Care

Nurses are well trained and experienced in providing special care and medications associated with your treatment regime. They are very compassionate and empathetic with their responsibilities. As a result, your medications are handled by them with great care and timely interventions as they offer to help your therapy progress in right direction.


We offer different types of rooms depending on your specific preferences. You can choose either a single or multiple sharing (2-sharing or 3-sharing) room. You can also avail suite room and deluxe room based on your specific need.

Swimming Pool

Swim into the peaceful water of the pool and let the serenity engulf you. Take a few laps to work out your body and reinvigorate your senses.


Blend physical workouts as a part of routine therapies we offer for various disorders and addictions. When you sweat it out at the gym, the changes within the body help you fight your mental stress better.