How to choose the best deaddiction center in India?

Whether you are looking for a rehabilitation center to treat addiction, substance use disorders, or mental illness, it is essential that you choose the best deaddiction center in India. We must be mindful while deciding to take up a deaddiction therapy course from a de-addiction center in India. We ought to consider certain factors to avoid possible mistakes in this regard. The de-addiction center in India must have all the facilities that are ideally required to avail oneself of affection deaddiction therapy. That is, their treatment needs must be well addressed.
The blog aims to offer insights on how one can choose the best deaddiction center in India for drug addiction treatment, alcohol addiction treatment, or treat other mental illnesses and disorders.

How to choose the best deaddiction center in India?

In order to find the best deaddiction center in India, run research on different de-addiction centers available locally and across the country. Analyze the features, treatment methodologies, facilities, and services offered there. Compare and contrast the deaddiction center in India to choose the one that suits you the best. You can easily choose alcohol addiction treatment from a rehabilitation center based on its reputation too. The best deaddiction center should have enough experience, credibility, infrastructure, facilities, and above all, the right expertise to be able to offer a wide variety of deaddiction therapy and treatments.
Following are some of the key attributes that you must validate before choosing a drug de-addiction center or alcohol de-addiction center.

  • High success rate
    The success rate of a de-addiction center designates the treating ability of the center. One must look beyond the numbers and analyze what factors the de-addiction treatment center validates the success of a treatment course. Is it based on how well the person has recovered? Or how long the person takes to recover? Or is there any other factor that determines the success rate of a de-addiction center in India? One must also shed focus on the facilities available at the de-addiction centers, the specialty, and the average length of the drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment. Find out the total number of patients treated and how the institution terms them as recovered. Understanding the criteria of success is much needed when you are analyzing the success rate of a de-addiction center.
  • Identifying the root cause
    Addiction has to be cured from its root, and the original cause of the addiction has to be identified and treated for effective outcomes. Usually, mental health problems and underlying issues are the cause of drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Leaving it untreated may augment the chances of the person relapsing back to their addiction phase and it may happen either during or after deaddiction therapy. If you’re looking out for an extended long-term cure, then certainly find out the apt de-addiction therapy that addresses the principal cause.
  • Ability to treat the specific disorder
    De-addiction centers in India specialize in treating several mental health issues, substance use disorders, and addiction problems. Instead of contemplating the general feedback and ratings, identify whether the rehabilitation center provides effective treatment for the specific problem you are looking for. Some rehabilitation centers are more specialized in treating certain problems than others. One should narrow down their search based on the specific problem they are enduring.
  • Personalization and customization
    Every individual has their own problems and has varied expectations of the course and outcome of the treatment process. What works well for one may not work for the other. Some require personalized, one-on-one treatments, especially when they are going through depression and would want to share memories and thoughts, they might feel it awkward to share in front of a group. On the other hand, solving some problems may require couple counseling, and family counseling and some others may need group therapy sessions. So, it totally depends on the person who is undergoing treatment. The drug deaddiction center or alcohol de-addiction center should have the facilities to offer customization and personalization to the person who is undergoing treatment.
  • Ability to offer a wide range of deaddiction therapies
    The best deaddiction center in India should have the ability to offer a variety of deaddiction therapies to be able to treat a wide range of mental illnesses and addiction problems. One should check for the availability of the following therapies.
  1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    This therapy aims at correcting the thoughts, behavior, and feelings that drive a person into addiction. CBT also empowers a person’s thoughts by influencing them. The person undergoing treatment learns to control themselves from the temptation to consume drugs or alcohol. These are usually conducted as talk sessions with professionals or medical experts.
  2. Art therapy
    Skill-based and non-verbal techniques are employed to help the person express themselves through drawing, painting, and other artistic forms. Sometimes, such activities produce a therapeutic effect while at other times, the therapists may apply such techniques to evaluate a condition.
  3. Neurofeedback training
    Neurofeedback training instills mental and emotional stability in the person as they attain sobriety. This training involves breathing, walking, talking, and thinking exercises, and aims to bring about control of voluntary and involuntary activities. It eventually balances the whole body and spreads a sense of calmness and tranquility. Read how alcohol and drug affect the neurological system of a person.
  4. Family therapy
    Involving family members in the treatment speeds up the process. They get to understand what the person is undergoing. This would enable them to provide motivation and support on a day-to-day basis. It also promotes peace and calmness in the family. Overcoming social stigma is way more important. People addicted to alcohol or drugs are shamed and blamed for their behavior. Involving family members can help evade the limiting stigma.
  5. Biofeedback therapy
    Many of the body functions are involuntary and happen without our knowledge. Biofeedback therapy aims at increasing self-awareness in a person to equip them with the ability to handle stress and nervousness. The person's body response to stress and involuntary body responses are keenly observed to identify and customize the required deaddiction therapy for the person.
  • Facilities at the center
    The amenities and comfort of the patient must be considered when it comes to extended treatments and de-addiction therapies. Choose the best deaddiction center in India that can provide you with luxurious facilities. Half-way houses and residential treatments offered by top-rehabilitation centers like Abhasa Rehabilitation Center houses a green ambiance with a pleasant atmosphere that can help in maintaining a good, optimistic mindset in the person.
    The prime aspect to look for in a drug de-addiction center or alcohol de-addiction center is the quality of staff and the workforce. It is crucial to have well-experienced and qualified medical practitioners and professionals. The quality of the treatment depends on the capability of the staff. Check for the affordability too.
  • Evidence-based treatments
    Evidence-based treatments are developed at the latest with broad research and addiction treatment theories. Those should help you recover from drug or alcohol addiction at ease. The best deaddiction center in India is one that keeps updating its treatment methods with the latest technological inventions. They also do thorough research of the history in a particular field. Hence, it’s better to visit reputed de-addiction centers that flaunt a good history of coping strategies.
  • Collective treatments
    Nourishing one's body should also be a part of the recovery and de-addiction therapies. A well-balanced diet and good exercise to maintain a healthy and fit body are essential. A good de-addiction center should offer the patients with healthy, nutritional meals as well as good exercise and workout plans.
  • Skill building and vocational support
    During the course of recovery which may span from a month to 6 months or above, a life skill can be taught to the person to empower them and to make them survive after recovery. This also prevents relapse. Aftercare plans and employment guidance shall be given to the person to support themselves financially. Keeping them occupied with jobs can bring about a sense of accomplishment and purpose in life. It wards off boredom too.

So, if you are looking forward to drug addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or for your family member, choose the best deaddiction center in India. This would accelerate recovery and prevent relapse. Abhasa Rehabilitation center is one of the best de-addiction centers in India and we hold strong expertise in treating various mental health ailments, and addiction problems. We provide luxurious treatment facilities and treatment options mentioned in the blog, and more so, at an affordable rate.