How to Beat your Fear?

How to beat your Phobia and Worries

For those who are undergoing one or the other sort of Phobias, this blog has been written especially to keep you in mind.
Phobias are irrational fears…..which can take an excessive form and the feared object or situation are not likely to cause harm to the individual. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder.

There is various type of phobias, the common ones are :

  1. Agoraphobia: It’s the fear of open places.
  2. Claustrophobia: It’s the fear of closed spaces.
  3. Acrophobia: It’s the fear of heights.
  4. Social phobia: It’s the fear of being judged by others.
  5. Zoophobia: It’s the fear of animals.
  6. Pyrophobia: It’s the fear of fire.
  7. Pedophobia: It’s the fear of children.
  8. Blood Injury Injection Phobia: It’s fainting at the sight of blood and anticipating an injury and injection which leads to avoidance behavior.
  9. Nyctophobia: It’s the fear of the dark.

There are many ways through which you can overcome your Phobias.

  • Talk about your phobias with your psychologist/counselor.
  • Do not run away from your feared situation, rather it is advisable to face it.
  • Practice some breathing techniques or relaxation exercises.
  • Take a walk in the morning or evening.
  • Challenge your irrational fears.
  • Practice mindfulness.