Healthy food is a catalyst for a healthy mind, we provide fresh organic food that is rich in nutritional value & contributes to the overall physical and emotional well being by not just being a temporary diet but a long term lifestyle change. The diets are designed by professional dieticians focussing to ensure the maximum benefit is attained from the stay with us is attained.


We have 24*7 surveillance cameras and security guards to ensure the safety of our clients. We ensure clients are 100% safe with us both physical and emotional levels.


We offer various recreational activities that are customized to our client’s preferences to help them unwind and feel at home. They can engage in playing indoor games and outdoor games. Apart from that, they can utilize their time in the gym, reading, watching movies, doing gardening and yoga. This gives them an opportunity to ice break with their fellow mates and feel less alone on the road to recovery.


We have a team of qualified and experienced nurses to monitor our clients 24/7 to make sure their health is always in check.