How to stay Happy? Nine Happiness Hacks Backed by Our Experts

Do you feel gloomy and emotionally drained out? Do you think your mind needs pacification? Making small changes can improve the quality of our lives and elevate the spirit of our minds. It’s a hard fact that people of today face challenges in their endeavour to thrive in the tech- driven modern world. This is even more intense during and after the pandemic. We are combating a long series of mental health issues that range from anxiety and stress, to eating and sleeping disorders. People ought to make happiness a priority.
If you are looking for how to stay happy or how to find happiness in the little things of our life, this blog describes nine amazing hacks that are recommended by experts.

BPD symptoms and signs

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder undergo acute mood swings. Their feelings for others can oscillate to extremes - sometimes they are extremely affectionate and at times, there is an intense dislike. Their interests change swiftly. This impacts the quality of their relationships, be it family, friends, or at the professional podium. People affected by Borderline Personality Disorder are uncertain about their own thoughts, emotions, and actions. They are vulnerable to view things at their extreme, either they are so very optimistic to imagine things to turn out to be too good or go pessimistic that they imagine adverse happenings and turn out bad circumstances. They sometimes act reckless and impulsive.

How to feel happy? How to live a happy life?
  1. Spend time with nature
    People of today are more ensconced in their homes that they do not spend as much time with nature as our ancestors were doing. Nature can be the best doctor. Taking a stroll in a pleasant place can instantly amp up your mind and doing this constantly on a regular basis can turn out to be beneficial to your mental health and physical health. The kind of solitude and fresh air that nature offers has the potential to release happy hormones and lower your stress, boost your immunity, and make you feel good. Living a life in harmony with nature improves your health holistically. If you are looking for ways for how to feel happy, spending ample time with nature works.
  2. Share your emotions.
    Flocking emotions and keeping them within oneself can be over-burdening most of the time. It is often necessary to stay in touch with your loved ones and vent out your thoughts. This can make you feel relaxed and calm. Reach out to your loved ones, talk with them and build a healthy relationship as loneliness can turn your fate bitter. Speak out to people with whom you feel comfortable. This way, you can easily move on from what’s troubling you and find an answer to your question of how to feel happy.
  3. Take care of your health
    As the eminent saying goes, ‘Health is wealth’, taking care of one's health is vital and almost indispensable. Staying fit with a proper exercise routine, consuming a balanced diet, and taking a deep, good sleep are the keys to staying healthy. Eat nutritious food and make sure that your intake has a lot of fruits and vegetables, pulses, and cereals. Remember to stay hydrated and breathe deep. Improving your physical health can amp up your mental health and happiness.
  4. Limit your responsibilities.
    Show compassion to yourself and try to limit the responsibilities you shoulder upon yourself. Too many responsibilities can hamper your mental peace. It may also affect your productivity as an individual. Like living one day at a time, do one task after another. Asking out for help when you are in need doesn’t lower your worth. Learn to focus on priorities. Being able to manage your to-do list is the best thing you can do to keep up with the time and promises as well as to make yourself happy. Further, too many to-do tasks may induce a guilty feeling when you could not complete them. This makes us refrain from taking rest. This impacts one’s confidence, self-esteem and happiness.
  5. Introduce variety into your everyday life.
    Wondering how to make yourself happy? Do you know that mundane activities depress your state of mind? Adding variety to your life would excite your mind and lift your spirits. Repeating the same activity everyday as part of work may bring boredom. It is not interesting to shed focus on one particular thing every day. Spice up these activities by doing things you love in between. So get involved in some interesting activities that are disparate from your career. Work towards bringing a work-life balance. You may choose to play your favourite sport, take up for art or craft sessions, or do anything that keeps your euphoria on.
  6. Laugh out loud
    Laughing releases the happy hormone endorphin which in turn makes a person feel happy and warm. Laughing is proven to reduce blood pressure. It calms your mind and helps you to recover from stress, anxiety, and depression. We inhale and exhale deeply while we laugh and this induces a blood gush in the body akin to the stimulation that happens when a person jogs. The contraction and expansion relaxes the abdominal muscles. This aids in boosting a positive mood and favours weight loss. There are several reasons as to why laughing is a therapy. It relieves the person from chronic pain, boosts immunity, and strengthens the heart. 10 to 15 minutes of having a hearty laughter everyday can boost your health. Nothing works like laughing out loud if you are exploring how to stay happy.
  7. Place a limit on alcohol consumption.
    Alcohol is falsely assumed to be a de-stress beverage whereas in actuality it is a depressant. Cutting out alcohol intake completely is hard as alcohol consumption brings about dependence. People face withdrawal symptoms when they abruptly quit drinking. Though it is hard to entirely cut-down, such a habit can be given up step-by-step on a compromise basis. Control yourself and try to refrain from drinking on a regular basis. It is advised to get professional assistance to decide the safe alcohol consumption limit based on the condition of your physical and mental health.
  8. Help others.
    If you are on the look out for how to stay happy, help others essentially because we derive a higher level of satisfaction when we help others. Many individuals term happiness as being selfless and being able to make others happy. Human beings are social creatures, being compassionate and altruistic releases endorphins in the brain. These endorphins mitigate the pain and soothe the stress. The act of solicitude prompts a longer life span. Show kindness in simple ways. It needn’t be fancy, big, or elaborate. Simple acts like leaving a thank you note, appreciating people for their accomplishments, complimenting friends or feeding stray dogs can really make a difference. These acts make you a better person and also create a commendable outlook of yourself.
  9. Limit decision-making.
    More the choices offered, more lies the anxiety in choosing between those. Having a decent amount of choices is appreciable, yet it instilled a sense of guilt of selecting the less preferable one. We become prone to regrets. It is also advised to reduce the non-critical decisions. Make steps to limit the time you spend on deciding between alternatives. By doing this we hold the anchor to control our lives. If you are looking for how to stay happy, then it’s time to limit the decisions that you make.
Looking for how to find happiness?

We are what we think. All that we are depends on the quality of our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Isn’t it? The answer to the question on how to stay happy? Or on how to find happiness? lies behind monitoring, regulating and optimising our thoughts and behaviours.
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