What is gambling addiction, and is there any permanent cure for it?

Any kind of addiction is dangerous. It leads to mental trauma, mood disorders, and changes in the brain. Today, many people suffer from different types of addiction without even knowing, and one among them is the most insidious vices that date back to Mahabharata times- gambling. Gambling is a behavior that leads you to take risks without thinking twice. Sometimes the odds are in your favor, and sometimes it is against, making you lose a lot of money. Gambling has become a full-fledged industry, whether in poker, blackjack, or anything else.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling is an activity that is not just related to casinos, lotteries, raffles, slot machines; it is more than that. Addiction can occur when the person is in a financial mess and thinks it can only help them come out of it. Unfortunately, it leads to a cycle of debts, and the gambler feels that he will win this game. In the end, he has to seek the help of gambling rehab centers to break the habit.

Another kind of gambling addiction is when the player takes the risky games to enjoy the emotional ride associated with it or to push their adrenaline level to see whether it pays off or not. In both cases, the person is suffering from the addiction, and there is a need to curb the behavior. If you or your loved one is among them, call gambling treatment centers like Abhasa to start the recovery process. 

What causes gambling addiction?

Many factors contribute to gambling addiction, including the need for money when you are in a state of depression if you wish to experience thrills associated with the game if you want to stand high in a social circle, or just for the sake of entertainment. Unfortunately, once the game takes hold of you, it becomes difficult to get back to what you have lost. Once the person wins, he gains confidence and invests massive money to cover up the loss. However, in desperation, they go on losing the money.

What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

The symptoms of gaming addiction are often the same as other signs of addiction. The common signs include

  • They become secretive and tend to hide things
  • They become gambling freaks, and nothing can stop them from controlling their habits
  • They start gambling even when they cannot afford
  • Their friends constantly express concern over the habit
  • They become restless when cutting down gambling from their daily life
  • Repeated unsuccessful attempts to control the habits
  • Frequent thoughts of gambling.
  • Distressed
  • After losing, they feel like returning to the playing field often
  • They frequently speak lie to cover up their habits
  • They risk their relationship or job or even lose the job opportunity because of the habit
  • They rely on others for financial problems caused due to gambling .
  • Other signs of betting addiction symptoms are failing to take self-care or family tasks.
  1. Stop Extreme depression
  2. They are vulnerable to migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, and obesity.
  3. They try to attempt suicide and have an eating disorder or phobia.
  4. They suffer from metabolic disorders.
  5. They are more likely to have bipolar disorder 2.

The early signs of gambling addiction  are the urge you cannot control. If you feel like you want to enter the game or feel anxious about quitting the game one more time, you suffer from this addiction. You can talk to a counselor about gambling addiction solutions, and it may vary depending upon the situation.

Emotional signs of excessive gambling

Excessive gambling leads to emotional symptoms which are easy to recognize, like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and tendencies. In an extreme situation, the gambler may try to end life. Losing everything is nerve-wracking, and people become clueless about what to do.

Physical signs of gambling

The physical signs of gambling include depression, self-harming habits, anxiety, lack of sleep, deprivation, pale skin, weight loss, weight gain, acne, dark circles, puffy bags under the eyes.

Pathological gambling symptoms

  • The person remains preoccupied with frequent gambling thoughts
  • They feel the urge to gamble with the increasing amount to achieve desired happiness.
  • They try to control their habits but can’t cut back.
  • They go to an extreme to gamble.

Poker addiction symptoms are also similar to pathological gambling symptoms.

The addiction may come with consequences

Gambling addiction is associated with many other consequences. They turn to drugs, alcohol, and other illegal activities to curb their desire. Even they start gambling more to cope up with their lifestyle. In the end, they feel stressed, and their relationships are damaged due to gambling.

Can they be cured?

Psychological illnesses like gambling addiction can be cured. Some people can curb the problem on their own. But other people need to address the concern. The best gambling addiction therapy is to seek the help of a psychologist; they will refer for cognitive behavioral therapy for gambling addiction. The therapy includes talking to counselors who understand the cause of gambling and try to resolve it by giving different options. Through this, therapy the thoughts and behavior of negatively challenged people are understood, and solutions are offered. To start with, the therapist will assess the thought patterns and factors that contribute to it. Once they have developed the understanding, the therapist will try to help in two ways.

  • They will help you get out of the gaming addiction by helping you to indulge in constructive activities.
  • They will understand the change in the patient’s behavior in response to triggers, then try to cure it effectively. Once the early signs of gaming addiction are detected, positive steps are taken to change it.

The gambling addiction facilities rehab center solely concentrates on patient recovery. Inclusive treatment is given to them. These gambling treatment centers offer group therapy, personal counseling, and other mindful therapy to keep the patients busy with productive activities, increasing the chance of long-term recovery.

The signs of problem gambling addiction & treatment are discussed above; I hope it helps.

Wrap Up

Gaming addiction can destroy your life. Hence, various gambling rehab centers like Abhasa provide patients with a gamut of therapies to recover. The therapy programs do not follow a one-size-fits approach; they take each case differently. They educate the patients and their family members to support them and create the best outcome for everyone.