Drug Addictions


Cannabis is a plantation drug that is commonly referred as gaanja, weed, marijuana, hash etc. The drug has become very popular and is widely accepted illegal drug used among teenagers in our country. Side effects of this drug are memory loss, brain damage, impotency, increased heart rate, insomnia etc.


Opioids are drugs extracted from the poppy opium plants that causes hazardous physical dependence alongside resulting in extreme withdrawal symptoms. It is generally taken orally, but abused commonly through injections by an addict, which has severe physical side-effects such as anxiety attacks, heart failure, constricted blood vessels, muscle pain etcsness and loneliness.


Heroin, commonly referred by addicts as smack, black or H is commonly induced into the body through injections and sometimes taken orally or smoked. Due to its ability to build fast tolerance in the body, heroin creates high-level of dependency making it difficult for the addicts to quit.


Cocaine is a white powder like substance induced out of the coca plant and is mostly inhaled from nose, taken orally or smoked. Cocaine users mostly abuse this drug with alcohol which severely damages the brain and liver alongside rapid changes in the respiratory and heart functions, which can lead to sudden death due to cardiac arrest, seizure or heart stroke.


Hallucinogen drugs changes one’s perception of reality. They make a person hallucinate excessively and the person is transformed into an imaginary world that results in subjective change of one’s way of thinking, acting and reacting to various situations.