Depression Treatment in Tamil Nadu

Depression for Teenagers

Depression is the most commonly used word by every other person in today’s world. A disorder that occurs mentally and slowly evades the peace in the heart, and then it has a significant impact on the whole body. It is a common mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in every step of life. 

The effects are quite natural when someone has to go through a very particular circumstance, and not easy to come out of the same. The same can be bad or worse. The side effects of depression can be seen evidently at work, social gatherings, college, and also in your own family life that can affect any personal relationship. 

Has it become a phenomenon?

It’s a yes and a no, but it is not a joke. When you are in depression, it is very difficult to understand reality, and it will be a traumatic task to look at the broader picture for any situation. Some depressions are long-term and need immediate medical treatment by experts. 

Depression doesn’t happen “Out of the Blue,” it has been feeding on your nerves from the brain to your heart for quite some time now, and you might not have noticed because you never know unless it brings some repercussions. 

How does it begin?

There is no particular age for depression; mostly, it starts after teenage or adolescence. Due to some loss, or incidents like ragging, teasing, bullying, or due to frequent failures in life despite being a good person, or due to sensitivity issues or OCD, due to complexities, etc. 

You get worse when you feel like doing something to yourself in a bad way. Hurting yourself and others is the first symptom of the final stage of depression. Sleepless nights, bad dreams, hallucinating in dreams, not realizing it’s day or night are the beginning stages of depression. 

What would be the symptoms in general?

  • Always feel like crying.
  • Feeling lonely.
  • Angry all the time
  • Emotional outburst
  • Loss of interest in anything 
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia, frustration
  • Lack of energy and lack of confidence
  • Complex issues in self
  • Stereotyping themselves from others
  • Feeling frequent suicidal thoughts and unexplainable pains. 
  • In children- fear, psychological problems, do not want to socialize or are too clingy.

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Is it genetic?

Well, no! Depression is not genetic, but looking at someone in the family with 24*7 illnesses all the time leads to depression. Ambiance plays a vital role in human life, and depression begins its journey from the roots of your house or wherever you live. 

People with mental disorders can be passed genetically, and this might lead to depressive life in the future, such that they need medical attention all the time. Genetic imbalances in life like PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes or blood pressure, and other hormonal imbalances can lead to depression naturally as these are basic side effects that lead to infertility in women at later stages of life. 

Physical effects are impulsive

The physical impact of depression in human nature is pretty impulsive as it slowly invades the good functional capacity of the entire human anatomy. Research has shown that a decrease in sleep, insomnia, or irregular life pattern leads to regular intake of antidepressants and also which has a great impact on other psychological factors in humans. 

Sometimes you end up on the street lost due to depression which is the worst phase in life one might have to see, which is why centers like Abhasa frequently pass the message to get the right guidance to come out of this worst fear to live a normal life. Abhasa gives you the way to heal yourself by getting the best of nature in Tamilnadu, India.

The effects of depression can cause an overall increase in mortality, where those with depression may also die 25 years sooner than an average person. This is predicted with the statistical results collected from only within Tamilnadu, India. The physical and mental side effects can be aggressive and can have an adverse impact on social status. (Reference- Mayo clinic).

What is the regular treatment?

For depression, we at Abhasa recommend physical therapies, psychotherapies, cognitive therapy, Yoga & Meditation, fitness regimes, along with medication to keep their depressing cells in sleep mode. Generally, depression is curable, but when the severity is high, monitoring at regular intervals is the best medicine, or else it is suicidal. If you notice any of your known people with depression or someone asking your advice to overcome the same, do not keep talking but definitely voice their opinions and connect to medical help as it leads to suicidal thoughts. 

Can anyone get depressed?

Depression is one such medical imbalance in a human’s nature that can travel from one person to another without even realizing that it is happening in your body. 

Depression is a cycle that one can never know as it comes and goes wherever you go through insurmountable losses or some incidents in life that you cannot forget sleepless nights due to disturbing thoughts, bad life patterns. So, to overcome depression, change your lifestyle to become the same you or new you but definitely not to let the depression take a rebirth. 

“Life is too short to get depressed.”