De-Addiction Programs


The rise of consumption of alcohol has severe consequences causing long term damage to one’s overall well- being. If you identify yourself being an alcohol addict, take action now to get rid of the addiction and lead a better life. Alcoholism is the most extreme form of alcohol abuse and is defined by an individual’s inability to control their drinking habits. The person uses alcohol as a coping mechanism to an extent that without it they find it hard to function.

Alcohol is a drug whose prolonged abuse causes physical damage as well as deterioration in mental and emotional health. The pleasurable or euphoric effects of the chemical mean it can become an addiction, destroying relationships, careers and ultimately lives.

One possible explanation is that the addict is looking to fill an internal void. They use alcohol as a way of self medicating in order to cope. Initially ,alcohol can appear to relieve or numb this but has severe damaging effects in the longer run.

At Abhasa we adapt the treatment plan according to the individual. We use evidence based practices that work for you and have a vast array of therapeutic, physical and spiritual processes available to bring an individual out of the habit.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction?
1. Inability to stop drinking
2. Increased tolerance for alcohol
3. Seizures
4. Poor Health
5. Self Pity
6. Secrecy


Drug addiction is a wide umbrella that covers various kinds of substance addiction such as cannabis, opioids, heroin, cocaine etc. that can cause serious long-term effect on one’s mental and physical health and wreck one’s interpersonal and professional relationships.



Tobacco of any form puts you in high risk of developing cancer, tuberculosis and cataract in the body. Take your first step towards breaking free from this compulsive habit today and step towards better health and life that you deserve.
Cigarette is the common forms of smoking tobacco. Smoking releases a chemical in the body known as carbon monoxide, which reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen in different parts of the body as a result smoking damages every organ of the body in one way or another. Smoking has become increasingly acceptable socially and among teenagers it is perceived as a cool thing to do, making its use among all sectors of society very prevalent.
Chewing Tobacco or more commonly known as Gutka, is an easily accessible drug from price ranging from Re. 1 to Rs. 10. Their easy availability and cheap rates have made them easily accessible for small children, putting them at high risk of mouth cancer many times more than when compared to smoking.
Symptoms of Tobacco Addiction are as follows
1. Alerasion (wearing down) of teeth
2. Staining of teeth
3. Tooth loss
4. Tooth decay
5. Leukoplakia
6. Gum diseases
7. Gum recession


Are you finding ways for easy money and find yourself in a place where you cannot stop gambling? Gambling is seldom seen as a serious issue but the effects of it can be more severe than it seems. The symptoms of gambling addiction are being secretive, stealing, making excuses etc. Gambling is never considered as something that can cause severe damage because of its leisure label and is not talked about often. But gambling addiction can cause serious consequences such as loss of money, property etc. Gambling is usually done with the hope to make easy money and later becomes a compulsion.
The symptoms of gambling addiction include
1. Anxiety
2. Being Secretive
3. Stealing
4. Decreased Socialising
5. Increased Betting
Like any form of addiction, Gambling addiction can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms and requires expert’s help to break free from the compulsion.