We believe that the outside world has so much to offer to one’s wellness and that would contribute largely to one’s recovery. Keeping this in mind Abhasa collaborates with external spaces that align with our goals and vision to give our clients an enhanced and holistic experience that would help them in their road to recovery.

We take them on nature trails, workshops, NGOs, etc for them to get a feel lighter and also to get a fresh perspective on life being surrounded by nature and by keeping themselves busy.


The Thotam is an urban farm with traditional practices. The word “Thotam” in Tamil means “farm”. It is situated in Vettaikaranpudur, a village at the foothills of the Anamalai Hills in the beautiful Western Ghats.

The Thotam, with its abundant lush greenery, is our facilitator of numerous activities. These include nature strolls, bird watching, trekking, camping, farm hustle, cultural skillshare, rural arts, native food workshops and more, that keep our participants enticed and relaxed during the stay there.

We take our clients to Thotam and amidst the greenery and being close to the mother nature one cannot help but feel relieved and motivated to break free from the chains of stress and anxiety.


Tahr Trails is Pollachi’s leading experience and holiday planning destination. A short stay at Sheikalmudi, in one of the Colonial era British Bungalows, can rejuvenate one’s senses. The architecture, landscape and the silence this place offers makes ‘doing nothing’ seem like the best thing to do. It is an experience gifted by nature that elevates and replenishes the body, mind and soul. The food at Sheikalmudi bungalows is prepared and served with the utmost care which brings the feeling of being ‘at home’. A few days in the wild can always bring calm to the storms in our lives and this is the reason behind the collaboration.



Native Medicare Charitable Trust (NMCT) is an initiative to assist families in need by providing a safe home for the destitute children until they are reunited with their families. NMCT focuses on sustainable holistic development among the different sectors of the underprivileged. Abhasa’s collaboration with NMCT provides an opportunity for the clients to indulge in charitable work and help the needy in the best way possible. It is also an initiative that will help provide clients with a sense of gratitude towards the umpteen blessings in their life, while growing to be compassionate and emphatic individuals.