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    What is Stress? Hans Selye (1936) an endocrinologist and who founded the theory of stress, defined stress as, “the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change”....

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    Overview of Depression

    Guys have you ever experienced Depression?…or have been in contact with a person undergoing depression? Well…if your answer is yes, you would agree to the fact that depression is...

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    Depression Treatment in Tamil Nadu

    Depression for Teenagers Depression is the most commonly used word by every other person in today’s world. A disorder that occurs mentally and slowly evades the peace in the...

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  • relapse

    Relapse in Depression: How to Deal With It?

    Your life was going great and you felt good and relieved that you have finally overcome depression. But after some time, you start feeling that life has become a...

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    Emotional Numbness in Anxiety and Depression

    In your recovery process and in your battle to begin recovery and self-healing, there comes a time when you are not necessarily sad, but you are numb to the...

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