Cannabis Addiction Overview

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Cannabis is one of the most common substances of abuse apart from tobacco and alcohol. Cannabis has many health benefits but its excessive consumption can lead to negative impacts. Effective treatment is essential to get rid of cannabis addiction.

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Know More About Cannabis Addiction

People think that cannabis is not addictive. However, around 9% of cannabis users develop an addiction. Often, people experience withdrawal symptoms, when they try to come out of cannabis addiction. The withdrawal symptoms include irritation, aggression and anger.

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Symptoms Of Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction is mostly observed in young adults. However, older adults are also showing signs of cannabis addiction. This has occurred due to a rise in the social acceptance of cannabis use. Moreover, the medicinal use of cannabis also triggers addiction.

The behavioural symptoms of cannabis addiction include distorted perception. Cannabis addicts often face difficulty in problem-solving. Sometimes cannabis addicts also have difficulty in thinking and memorising things. It is also possible that cannabis slows down the pace learning abilities of individuals.

Some other symptoms of cannabis addiction include:

  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Blurry, red and bloodshot eyes.
  • Mucus-filled cough.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Hunger.
  • Paranoia and anxiety .
  • Lack of control.
  • Slow reaction time.

If you notice any of the above-discussed symptoms in a person, lend a helping hand. Help cannabis addicts get the best treatment so that they can recover from their addiction. Pushing them away might increase their dependency on cannabis.

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Health Issues Associated With Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction can cause health issues such as depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. A cannabis addict can also have personality and behavioural issues due to excessive substance abuse. Gradually, cannabis addicts lose the motivation to indulge in rewarding activities.

Cannabis consumption during pregnancy can lead to neurobehavioural issues in newborns. THC and other elements present in cannabis are similar to the endocannabinoid chemicals of the human body. Therefore, the use of cannabis by pregnant mothers can change the endocannabinoid developing in the brain of the foetus.

Cannabis also negatively impacts the brain development of young adults. Young adults who are heavy users often experience difficulties in thinking and memory retention. The effects on memory can turn out to be permanent. The IQ levels of young adults who are heavy users of marijuana are often found to be below the average level.

Studies have shown that cannabis also impacts the motor coordination of heavy users. It has been found that cannabis impairs the judgement of addicts. The risk of being involved in road accidents is higher in the case of cannabis addicts. A combination of marijuana and alcohol can be disastrous, causing fatal accidents on the road.

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Our Facilities

Abhasa offers some unique facilities to all its patients. The facilities at Abhasa include:

  • Nutritious Food: At Abhasa, the nutritional requirements of patients are not overlooked. Patients at the facility are given organic food. They are given meals rich in proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients.
  • High-quality Food: At Abhasa, the nutritional requirements of patients are not overlooked. Patients at the facility are given organic food. They are given meals rich in proteins, vitamins and other essential nutrients.
  • 24*7 Security: The rehab centre has constant security and surveillance. Patients can stay safe at Abhasa. Outsiders need a permit to enter the medical institution.

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Our Experience

Abhasa has good experience to take care of the patients and support them get rid of cannabis addiction smoothly. The medical practitioners associated with the institute are well-qualified and hold degrees from reputed institutions

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Our Treatment

Cannabis addiction is treated with a variety of therapies alongside conventional treatment methods.

  1. Art Therapy

    Art therapy is helpful in alleviating the withdrawal symptoms of cannabis addicts. Art therapy helps addicts express their emotions. Cannabis addicts can focus on other things instead of the traumatic feelings that trigger addiction.

  2. Talk Therapy

    Talk therapy helps individuals explore feelings that led to cannabis addiction in the beginning. A counsellor will talk to you and support you replace addictive behaviours with healthy ones.

  3. Yoga And Meditation

    Yoga and meditation help in reducing the stress of cannabis addicts. It helps in calming your mind so that the effect of quitting does not negatively impact your body.

  4. Recreational Activities

    Patient of cannabis addiction are involved in recreational activities to keep their minds diverted. Recreational activities like biking, trekking help in alleviating anxiety and depression in victims of substance abuse.

  5. Pet Therapy

    Pet therapy is also beneficial for people who are cannabis addicts. Interaction with animals helps in generating happy feelings in them. Stressed outpatients can gain benefits by interacting with friendly canines.


Does cannabis affect mental health?


Cannabis is often found to increase the risk of depression and anxiety in individuals. Excessive use of cannabis leads to the development of psychotic disorders. Cannabis addiction can even cause schizophrenia at a later point in life.

Can cannabis affect your memory?


Cannabis harms memory. It can lead to short-term memory loss. People face difficulties in encoding a particular memory, especially when they are high.

Can cannabis addiction be cured with medication?


Cannabis addiction may not be cured with the help of medication. However, different types of therapy can help a cannabis addict get rid of it.

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