Activities at Abhasa

  • Inhale positivity. Exhale Negativity Stress and Anxiety in common are the foundations for the beginning of an addiction. Yoga represents a holistic practice which naturally brings discipline into life. The combination of asanas and meditation practice builds strength, confidence, improves focus and concentration, clears the clutter and enhances wellbeing – physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Shaking the blues with nature’s tunes! Interacting with animals is known to reduce the levels of cortisol (stress hormones) in the blood. Bird-watching, on the other hand, hones patience which is essential during rehabilitation, additionally it builds reflexes which is a promising sign that assures cognitive ability. Gardening is also a natural stress reliever; the organic vegetables and fruits cultivated in Abhasa’s garden are used for our everyday cooking.

  • Shake a leg, break into a song! Dance and music are known to produce beneficial effects on our minds. Listening to music or breaking into a swift movement is known to release oxytocin (the happy hormones) in the blood. This instantly helps relieve stress and elevate the mood. Not just that, dance & music stand testimony to our cultural heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation and can be used as an effective tool to reform lives.

  • Giving your body and mind a break to relax! The child within each of us needs to be occasionally tapped to enliven the atmosphere. Hence, we host a variety of indoor games such as Carrom, Table-tennis, and Snooker. We occasionally indulge in an innocent game of cards or reach out to feed the intellect with a collection of books from the library.

  • A day out in the wilderness! Trekking is an experience that imparts many life lessons. Amongst the numerous things it teaches, the most important ones being ‘never give up’ and ‘how to deal with life’ in general. Trekking or hiking are activities that help the participant get closer with nature, both on the inside and outside -in turn getting closer to their true nature. Nature trails and walks are one of a kind experience that undoubtedly help break the monotony of daily and energize the soul from within.

  • Experiencing the joy of giving!The purest form of joy can be derived by helping someone in need without the thought of reciprocal benefit. In tune with the 12 steps programme, the clients are encouraged to visit orphanages and NGOs where they indulge in conversations, share emotions and extend care. This can be perceived as an eye-opener for many in terms of recognizing the blessings they have received for themselves.

  • Celebrating life every day! The clients are exposed to the outer world occasionally in the form of short 1-2 day trips and weekly outings where they interact with nature and people in general. Conversation building and co-existence can be considered as the takeaways from this activity while it additionally gives them a chance to update themselves on the happenings around them. Not just that, at Abhasa, we believe that every bit of life deserves to be celebrated. The clients progressively nurture a familial bonding wherein birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are celebrated with joy and fervour. On some days, when the going gets tough, we do not hesitate to overcome it with a cake!

  • Revitalizing activity for healing, development and growth Ayurvedic massage and cognitive Aromatherapy are holistic healing treatments that rejuvenate the mind and body, promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. Authentic Ayurvedic massage expunges toxins from the body, strengthens muscles and joints, while nourishing the skin. This is great in relieving subdued stress and pain in the body and also promotes deeper sleep. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts which activate our sensory and olfactory organs through sweet and subtle fragrances, thus rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.

  • We recognize that recovery of our clients can be expedited further through interaction with animals. We have a range of friendly pets from dogs to birds. Our aim is to make the patient feel not just at home but also at peace with nature. We encourage harmony between human beings and animals


    Meet Whiskey, he’s our handsome buddy with a crazy appetite who loves people and can sense emotions in a jiffy. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love


    Meet Olive, the fluffiest and happiest puppy that you’ll ever come across! He’s a bundle of joy and the newest member of team abhasa. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love


    Meet Viva, nothing makes her happy like a game of fetch, pet her and she’ll always remember you. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love


    Meet Dora, she’s always up for cuddles and really is the poster child for the saying small but mighty. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love


    Meet Mocha, she is the playful and goofy one and is the best pooch to be around when you are having a dull and gloomy day. Language Spoken:Woof woof, Love
  • Since physical health is as important as mental health, we have diversified our activities to the extent that we make a cycling squad with proper gears for safety.

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